Missing Flight MD 370: Passenger Philip Wood Gets off a Help Message with iPhone

by Dietrich T. Schmitz

Dear Reader,

On behalf of all the Families of the missing passengers on Malaysian Flight MD 370, I feel obligated to repost a breaking story from its source on Intellihub.

If you have any new leads, updates of any kind, send emails marked 'Strictly Confidential' to:

OpenPGP Public key id: E6D1EEE0

Please reshare this information so as to raise awareness and keep this story alive.  

Thank You.

-- Dietrich
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DTS & Associates Open for Business 24x7

by Dietrich Schmitz

That's right.  DTS & Associates is open for business.  And, like the neon sign says, that's 24x7 -- any time of day. 

I provide an array of IT Consulting services having over 20 years experience including Amazon Web Service solutions.

So please, do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation, phone, email, skype -- I am here to help with your technical issues however small or large they may be.

Thank You.

Dietrich T. Schmitz
dietrich at dtschmitz dot com
Skype: zzdtszz
Google Voice:+13155208413 

I'm Back

by Dietrich Schmitz

I'm back.  With a move in December 2013, I had to shutdown my self-managed server for my professional website domain dtschmitz.com.

After doing some research during January, I have chosen to switch from self-managed (Plone) to Blogger integrated with Google Apps for Domains.

I've had Google Apps for Domains for several years and now I find it most appropriate to use Blogger since it is integrated in Google Apps for my domain.

This greatly simplifies things for me and in today's world, I'd rather not be self-managing my website.  I'm happy to manage others' websites but this is doing the trick for me now.

The template I've chosen most closely parallels my Plone template -- rather spartan and minimal -- the way I like it.

So, there you have it.  I'll be posting intermittently here when not writing for Linux Advocates.

-- Dietrich
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